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sunday post stacking the shelves

I like looking over my blog with a Weekly Wrap Up to see what I’ve accomplished in the world of reading and reviewing. I am linking up to a couple of memes that do the same. The Sunday Post is hosted by Kimba @  Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news with a post to recap the past week, showcase books we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog. Stacking the Shelves is held at Tynga’s Reviews and is a place to share the books that have arrived in the last week.

sweet forgivenessI’m a little disappointed with my blogging progress this week. I had signed up for the mini-Bloggiesta and the Blog Out Knock Out to get ahead with blog posts again. I didn’t complete my original goal, to write a 3 post series about using images, although I did get ahead with regular memes and I have all my reviews written for the books I’ve finished. June is pretty well taken care of at least.

I participated in KissinBlueKaren’s new Thursday meme: Beyond the Books with a post on Stress Relievers.  I felt like pretty hot s**t using animated gifs and embedding a video for the first time. Each week Karen is posting a discussion topic that takes us “Beyond the Books”. All of the topics through November are listed on her blog, so I hope you’ll join us when you are feeling the need to try something new or write a discussion post.


Blueprints by Barbara Delinsky – With a giveaway.
Sweet Forgiveness by Lori Nelson Spielman
Solitude Creek by Jeffery Deaver (Kathryn Dance #4)

BOOKS READstorm rising by rachael richey

  • One Plus One by JoJo Moyes [library]
  • Storm Rising by Rachael Richey [July blog tour. Liked it.]
  • The Case of the Dotty Dowager by Cathy Ace (WISE Enquiries #1) [July release. Liked it.]


  • From the Library – Looks like I am the Queen of Series this week!
    • The Burning Room by Michael Connelly (Harry Bosch Crime #19)
    • Hearse and Buggy by Laura Bradford (Amish Mystery #1)
    • Beneath the Patchwork Moon by Alison Kent (Hope Springs #2)
    • Anatomy of Murder by Imogen Robertson (Crowther & Westerman Mystery #2)
    • Behind the Shattered Glass by Tasha Alexander (Lady Emily Mystery #8)
    • Beachcombers by Nancy Thayer (ebook)
  • Free from Kindle Store
    • Murder to Go by Chloe Kendrick (Food Truck Mystery #1)
    • Murder in the South of France by Susan Kiernan-Lewis (Maggie Newberry Mystery #1)
  • From NetGalley
  • Won from GoodreadsLuckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll
british academy and folio society
© Madalina Andronic, 2013 from The Princess and the Goblin


Because I have Hodgkin’s Disease, a blood-borne cancer in the leukemia family, I cannot donate blood or organs. However, I strongly encourage everyone else to do so. It is quick and painless other than the quick stick. I recently read an amazing article about a 78-year-old man who has donated blood almost once a week since he was 14 years old. It is inspirational.

Iwas clicking around at StumbleUpon and came across Where Should I Read Next? with a map of the world dotted with books that take place in marked locations. For those looking for diversity in their reading, this would be a really helpful tool.

At the Guardian,  The Other Worlds of Fairy Tale, gives a peek at the British Academy and Folio Society’s gorgeous exhibition of fairy tale illustrations from all over the world.


30 responses to “Weekly Wrap Up 6/13

  1. I haven’t heard of those books you have listed up there. I guess I have a date with goodreads now. You may not feel like you have gotten a lot accomplished but you are further than me. Real life just keeps kicking my bum and I’ve lost what buffer I had. I hope you manage to get far enough ahead where you do not feel that rush to create posts last minute.

  2. You really are so organised, well done on getting ahead with reviews. I do occasional cooking, photography and scrapbooking posts and they seem to be well received. I know I love reading posts that are a little more personal and I love tech-how-to posts 🙂
    Hope you loved One Plus One, when does your review go up? Have a great week and happy reading.

  3. Wow, your blog progress sounds great to me! I still haven’t got a clue what I will post TOMORROW, let alone the end of June 😉 That post about the 78 year old man is really inspirational! I can’t donate either, because I take a lot of medications, but my dad has been doing it for as long as I can remember (and he’s 68, maybe he will be trying to keep up with that guy!), it is a really great thing to do for sure! Hope you have a wonderful week and enjoy the new books!

  4. You are the queen of the series! I am unable (due to an illness) to give blood too, I support and thank those who are able. Have a great week.

  5. I like your idea about writing posts on things other than writing. Maybe when I can catch up a bit on reviews, I’ll do that. I’ll check out that meme. Sounds good. Enjoy your books and have a great week!

  6. You have a lot of great books and I hope you enjoy them all. I’m staying away from Netgalley but those books are tempting. I’ll have to check out the Beyond the Books meme. I’ve been wanting to add something new to my blog. Thanks for the suggestion and have a great week!!

  7. I have The Dotty Dowager on my TBR, glad to hear it’s good, and I liked Behind The Shattered Glass- hope you enjoy it. Beyond The Books looks fun, I’ll have to look into that.

  8. Well done on getting so far ahead with your reviewing and post scheduling.

    Am keen to hear what you think of Luckiest Girl Alive. I was a little snide in my review but as I’m in my late 40s decided I perhaps wasn’t the target audience.

  9. You might not think you got a lot done, but you still achieved plenty. I just explored your link to the map of the world for books. I’ve read three on the New Zealand list. Most of them are in the literary genre, and I don’t read a lot there! But have pinned the map for future reference.
    I got lost on my discussion posts, too much else to do, but I have jotted down three ideas and might strive to at least fulfil the challenge goal I set!

  10. Lots of fun book chatter here 🙂 I went back and read some of your reviews this week that I missed, commented on the Deaver one which I am reading now. Following you now by email as well as bloglovin because sometimes when I’m busy I just skim through that..I follow too many folks on it.
    Have a great week with all those library books!

  11. I struggle trying to do post like recipe and a rec, discussions and blogger tips not because I don’t have ideas ,but because I read too many darn books and fill my calendar with reviews. I took Saturday’s off this summer to give me a day off from blogging and and well you see where I am right now. Your idea about images sounds cool maybe you could do one a month.

    • Yeah, I don’t want to be just reviews and memes. I think there need to be some of the blogger him/herself in a blog, so I try to infuse personality into reviews as one way to do that and of course discussion posts. I sometimes have been posting twice a day to get what I want to say out there along with the reviews. According to the stats people do visit and stay for a few minutes on reviews, even though there aren’t that many comments on them.

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