Tasty Review: Baker’s Blues

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Tasty Review: Baker’s BluesBaker's Blues by Judi Hendricks, Judith Ryan Hendricks
Genres: Contemporary Women
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August 1st 2015 | Pages: 451
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In Wyn Morrison’s world a 5 A.M. phone call usually means equipment trouble at her bakery or a first shift employee calling in sick—something annoying but mundane, fixable. But the news she receives on a warm July morning is anything but mundane. Mac, her ex-husband, is dead. As Mac's executor, Wyn is now faced with not only sorting his possessions and selling the house, but also with helping his daughter Skye deal with financial and legal aspects of the estate--a task made more difficult by Skye’s grief, anger and resentment. As Wyn takes on this challenge in the face of her own grief, she will come to terms with Mac and his demons, with Skye’s anger, and her own feelings of failure in her marriage. Soon she will re-learn the lessons that she first discovered at the Queen Street Bakery in Seattle…that bread is a process--slow, arduous, messy, mysterious--and best consumed with the eyes closed and the heart open.

I received Baker’s Blues from the author via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. This does not influence my opinions or the content of my review. This review contains affiliate links and is in compliance with FTC guidelines.periwinkle-swirl I loved Baker’s Blues, the third book in the Bread Alone trilogy, which has followed Wyn Morrison from a depressed divorcee hiding out as a baker’s assistant in Seattle to a bakery owner in The Baker’s Apprentice and now the owner of a hugely successful Los Angeles bakery in Baker’s Blues. In The Baker’s Apprentice readers and Wyn meet Mac a wandering literati, who is the recently deceased ex-husband in the opening of this newest installment.

I’m finding it difficult to review Baker’s Blues when the synopsis tells so much about the story, so I decided to give you my top five things as a reader of all three books.

  1. From HNSB on pixabay.com.
    From HNSB on pixabay.com.

    Wyn has accepted her mother’s marriage of ten years ago and has developed a stronger relationship with her mother and Roger, zipping is in and out of their home regularly.

  2. Mac has had a successful literary career, providing more opportunities for travel and financial stability for both himself and Wyn.
  3. Wyn has maintained her childhood friendship with international dancer CM. They are still closer than sisters and always drop everything when needed.
  4. Mac has worked on the relationship with his daughter Skye, which he didn’t even want to acknowledge when he first learned of her existence.
  5. Wyn has re-discovered her love of bread, the kneading, mixing and trying new ways to bake.

I don’t usually say that books need to be read in order, but in this case readers will really experience a huge arc of Wyn’s life if starting with Bread Alone. Not necessary, but if you intend to read all three, do it in order. These books are about families created from friendships, the simple things in life being important, and knowing that you can’t fix everything for other people. I highly recommend Baker’s Blues to those who love food and friendship books, or stories about the complexities of marriage.

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