Riveting: The Murderer’s Daughter

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Riveting: The Murderer’s DaughterThe Murderer's Daughter by Jonathan Kellerman
Genres: Thriller
Published by Ballantine Books Source: NetGalley
August 18th 2015 | Pages: 384
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#1 Bestselling master of suspense Jonathan Kellerman delivers a riveting standalone thriller featuring an unforgettable heroine. Master psychologist by day, seductive adrenaline junkie by night, Grace Blades has a very dark past—one that’s about to bleed into a terrifying present.

I received The Murderer’s Daughter  from Ballantine Books in exchange for my honest review. This does not influence my opinions or the content of my review. This review contains affiliate links and is in compliance with FTC guidelines.periwinkle-swirlI am always excited for a new book from any of the literary Kellermans: Jonathan, his wife Faye, or their son Jesse; I think I’ve read everything they’ve written. I eagerly anticipated  The Murderer’s Daughter, especially because it was a stand-alone novel. Alex Delaware is wonderful, but it’s fun to mix it up, and it’s more creative for the author of course. Once again I was not disappointed.

With Grace Blades, Mr. Kellerman has given readers a complex and compelling woman dealing with issues from her past on her own in an organized, deliberate manner. Grace has lived an unusual life. Off the charts intelligent, she was shuttled around foster homes in her early years, after learning to take care of herself while living with her parents until she was five. A quiet loner who loves to read, Grace lucks into a meeting with a psychologist which changes her life. Now a successful therapist herself, she specializes in helping family members of those who have gone through a traumatic loss. An adrenaline junkie, at night Grace takes risks that have now caught up to her.best-coasta-drives-x

When a man who consulted Grace just one time ends up dead the next day and she notices someone following her, Grace begins her own investigation into who this man really was. He used a false name and was vague with the information he shared with Grace, and the police have more questions than answers about what happened. As she delves into this man’s true life, Grace finds an unexpected connection to her own childhood, which elicits even more questions. Did the man choose her specifically?  The danger comes closer and Grace is on the run, living in motels, only using cash, and visiting the dark side of Los Angeles.

I absolutely loved Grace, although there are many things about her that are harsh. Her amazing intelligence helps her turn a horrible beginning into an amazing life, with some luck and help along the way. Not only clever, she is physically strong, and she is compassionate and caring with her patients. Although she has difficulty expressing it, Grace feels love towards a few people in her life. This is to be expected, having such uncertainty in her formative years, her major appreciation is for security, routine, and consistency. The story is told with flashbacks to Grace’s childhood slowly revealing her formation into the woman we meet and the time when the mysterious patient was briefly in her life.

I can’t see The Murderer’s Daughter as the beginning to a series, and don’t think I would want to. It has a very satisfying ending, and I am happy with what I am imagining Grace’s life will be like as she moves on from this harrowing time in her life. For those who love thrillers, don’t mind characters that some might see as sharp and I see as complex, The Murderer’s Daughter is a book to go grab right now. I think it would also be an exciting audio. If you have never read anything by Jonathan Kellerman, The Murderer’s Daughter would be a great place to start.


11 responses to “Riveting: The Murderer’s Daughter

  1. I loved this one, too, Elizabeth, and I really like how you inserted a photo that could have been one of Grace’s risk-taking drives.

    I especially enjoyed how Alex Delaware’s name popped up occasionally, making me feel more connected to the character. Thanks for a great review….

  2. I love thrillers. I missed out on this one, I honestly thought it would be about something else entirely. That’s what I get for judging a book by the cover, lol. (okay that was bad)
    Great review!

  3. I was excited to see a non-Alex Delaware Kellerman and also loved Grace. I loved the childhood chapters etc also.

    I didn’t entirely love the way it ended, but I’m weird like that.

    I’m not sure about it becoming a series… as the backstory was as interesting as who she is now so not sure how Kellerman would balance that in future books. Would love to see Grace in a series – but probably working with someone else perhaps? I assumed the police officer would play more of a role. Was also keen to know more about the younger lawyer who used to turn up every so often. (Haven’t got my book in front of me so can’t remember his name!)

  4. I haven’t read anything by a Kellerman, but you have convinced me to start with this book. Grace sounds like a character I’d like to get to know and spend time with. I am going to see if it is in audio format. Thanks Elizabeth.

  5. I haven’t read anything by Jonathan Kellerman but I do like the sound of this. I am always in for a good thriller and don’t mind a harsh character. Also, I know what you mean when you don’t want to see it turn into a series.I have read books and thought please leave it at this. Great review!

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