Pieces of the Bronte Plot

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bronte-plotOn Fridays. I participate in two preview memes that are great for anticipating what I’m going to read next. This week I am sharing The Bronte Plot from Katherine Reay.

Book Beginnings is hosted by Gillon at Rose City Reader.

book beginnings at rose city readerWednesday was Book Day. With so many other demands, Lucy felt it important to pick a day, name it, and savor it. By plopping it in the middle of the week, she secured a shining moment to anticipate at the week’s front end and a delicious one to revisit at the back. [Seems our heroine is a book lover! I wonder if books will play an important part in the plot over all, or just in this one scene.]

friday 56Freda’s Voice hosts The Friday 56.

She said she felt daring and wanted to step out. I showed her some bold early twentieth-century designs, both Danish, and she adored them. Purchased them then and there. [Since I know the main character works in the design business, I am thinking she is working with a client.]

You can visit Gillon @ Rose City Reader for more Book Beginnings and Freda’s Voice for The Friday 56. It’s a nice way to find something new to read.


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