Mrs. Roosevelt’s Confidante: a wartime thriller

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Mrs. Roosevelt’s Confidante: a wartime thrillerMrs. Roosevelt’s Confidante by Susan Elia MacNeal
Series: Maggie Hope #5
Genres: Fiction, Historical, Women Sleuths
Published by Bantam Source: NetGalley
October 27th 2015 | Pages: 352
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In this latest riveting mystery from New York Times bestselling author Susan Elia MacNeal, England’s most daring spy, Maggie Hope, travels across the pond to America, where a looming scandal poses a grave threat to the White House and the Allied cause.
December 1941. Soon after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Winston Churchill arrives in Washington, D.C., along with special agent Maggie Hope. Posing as his typist, she is accompanying the prime minister as he meets with President Roosevelt to negotiate the United States’ entry into World War II. When one of the First Lady’s aides is mysteriously murdered, Maggie is quickly drawn into Mrs. Roosevelt’s inner circle—as ER herself is implicated in the crime. Maggie knows she must keep the investigation quiet, so she employs her unparalleled skills at code breaking and espionage to figure out who would target Mrs. Roosevelt, and why.

Cool and calm, American Maggie Hope is pleased to be back in her homeland, albeit under terrible circumstances, for Christmas of 1941. She will have the opportunity to visit with the aunt who raised her and share some American foods and traditions with her good friend David, special assistant to Winston Churchill, and John, a long-lost love with whom she has recently been reunited. Moving throughout the elegant locations of Washington, D.C., Maggie runs into luminaries of the time, including Cab Calloway and C. S. Forester and dining with political powers such as Secretary of State Cordell Hull and General Dwight Eisenhower.Eleanor_Roosevelt_at_United_Nations

When Maggie is unexpectedly asked to accompany Mrs. Roosevelt to an assistant’s home, she enters into a darkly evil plot to discredit the First Lady and end her involvement in the case of a young black man sentenced to death, possibly unfairly. With the bombing of Pearl Harbor just two weeks earlier, these machinations could have further reaching consequences than just discrediting Eleanor’s reputation. Maggie’s combat training comes in handy when she and another woman are accosted on the street outside a rally for the young man, and her ability to determine a situation and be discreet while exuding confidence serve her and Mrs. Roosevelt well as the plotter becomes more determined to bring down the First Lady by any means.

Mrs. Roosevelt’s Confidante is Maggie Hope at her best. In this fifth installment she has completed her training, experienced harrowing situations saving the Royal Princesses from kidnappers and being dropped behind enemy lines into Germany. Now her skills are put to the test in a more subtle situation, and she rises to the occasion as always. Maggie has unfulfilled love with John, adventure with Eleanor Roosevelt driving her around Washington packing a gun, something that truly happened, and a somewhat satisfying reunion with her aunt. She even fits in time for a little new love before taking off to London and her next adventure.

 roosevelt-churchillFans of the series will not be disappointed in Maggie or her case, and historical fiction fans will enjoy the behind the scenes imaginings of what Roosevelt and Churchill discussed in between cocktails, which seem to have been a big thing for both of them, including a special time of day, Children’s Hour, when Roosevelt would mix his own strong cocktails that people pretended to enjoy. I am eagerly looking forward to the sixth Maggie Hope wartime thriller.


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