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Posted December 27, 2008 by Elizabeth in family, holidays/ 12 Comments

Christmas with the Evil Overlord was both merry and bright this year. There was a lot of laughter and talking, a few silly altercations and a totally peaceful Christmas Day. Join me for our two days of all-out family time, will you?
Several things were different for our Christmas this year. We only had 9 people for our holiday this year. My sister, bil, 3 kids, my parents, and my aunt Kakee. We also celebrated both Christmas Eve and Day at my sister’s home. I usually have Christmas Eve, but with my health the family thought I could have a problem or not everything would get done, and it was easier for them to have it at her house. But I bought a lot of the ingredients!
We had bacon and egg sandwiches on rolls for Christmas Eve dinner. This was something we always had at my Grandma’s as children and K decided to resurrect the idea this year. It was nostalgic and fun. We were supposed to eat wherever we wanted, but Mom, K & D (bil) hid out from the rest of us and our bad manners who were eating in another room!
After eating we did gifts and chit chat. Can you believe a 13 year-old is actually conversing with his 85 year-old great-aunt?
There is always an attempt to get a picture of the kids with Auntie and the grandparents. With 2 cameras, over 20 pictures were taken because of our foolishness. Kids’ faces have been smudged for posting.
We ended the evening as we always do, with the reading of a vintage Louise W. Myers Night Before Christmas. This year Frieda wanted to read and she was very expressive!

Christmas Day was relaxing. Instead of a meal we had grazing on appetizers and desserts that were out all day long. We had been so concerned about not having enough food, and more than half was never taken out of the fridge or freezer! So now there’s fun food for the New Year!The kids were messing with all of their new loot, including the Wii Fit, which was added to the Wii arsenal this year. Actually, everyone tried it at least once….except Grandpa, who fell asleep for almost the entire afternoon even with all of this action going on around him! I think that’s why the day turned out so peacefully!

I hope your family had just as nice a time as mine. Any funny stories? Foolish fights or accidents? Tell us about them!

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  1. Sounds like you guys had a great day and really enjoyed each others company with good food and fun… Glad you had a great holiday…


  2. I do a lot of listening of the older folks in my job too. I learn things from them I might never learn. Almost always interesting conversations while we are doing therapy.

  3. Ya know what? I’ve found that the younger adults actually DOOOO love hearing the histories of the older adults, honey! It just takes them awhile to realize it! My son is a nurse at a Veterans Hospital and he is just “wowed” by listening to them. I’m very proud of him, chickee….

  4. Elizabeth, it sounds like you had the best Christmas! Everyone had a good time, with good food and great memories – you couldn’t ask for anything more! ~ Robyn

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