Maybe I’m Crazy BTB #2

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I am sending the love to my bloggy friend KissinBlueKaren for her new weekly meme Beyond the Books. Here is her description:

beyond the booksI will throw out a topic (mostly non-bookish), and you guys blog about it. Come back here and share the link to your blog post, and we all have fun learning about each other. I will be posting on the new topic every Thursday at midnight EST. My weekly post will kick it off. I will list upcoming topics so you can schedule your blog posts ahead, but please don’t post before Thursday 12am EST, (and don’t forget to come back and add your post to the linky so everyone who plays along can see it, too).

This week’s topic is Maybe I’m Crazy, where we can share some of our weird traits. When I started writing this I had two, and now it’s at five. I’m starting to think I’m a bigger weirdo than I realized.

vintage american pottery fiesta1. According to most people who know me, my biggest weird trait is that I don’t like my food to touch. This is something you see in little kids, but for me has gotten worse as I’ve gotten older. It didn’t even really start until I was in college. I know the origin is from my childhood when the liquid from the canned peas would roll into the mashed potatoes. This was made worse by the fact that I was eating at a drop-leaf table, so it wasn’t quite level. When I went to college I had my first experience with a cafeteria line – we didn’t have a kitchen in my schools growing up – and I got into the habit of asking for each of my foods in separate bowls or small plates. Now when I am in a restaurant I will always ask if the cole slaw comes in its own bowl, or if I order a lumberjack breakfast I ask for the pancakes on their own plate. This has to do with the foods changing the texture or taste of the other foods on the plate, so things that are supposed to touch like various stews or an Indian curry are fine.il_570xN.612016628_gzyd

Obviously I am not the only adult with this issue since you can find all sorts of vintage china and glassware for adults that are divided as well as the disposable plates you can buy today. I collect pink Depression-era glass and saw some great plates at a store recently. They run about $14.00 a plate, which is inexpensive because pink is the most common Depression glass color. Some colors run up to $30.00 a plate. Fiestaware pottery was making divided plates during the Depression through the 1960s also.

Spinach-Salad-with-Bacon-Dressing2. Another of my idiosyncrasies also involves food. I am a hater of tomatoes, which means I don’t want them to touch anything. I’ve started lying and telling the server that I am allergic because otherwise they bring a pre-made salad where the tomatoes were just picked off, and there are still tomato guts in the salad. It’s the lying about it that is the weird part, but my nephews and niece love to listen to me order and hold their breath every time.

HK_IFC_Roof_Podium_Garden_Schindler_escalator_with_people3. I asked my parents if they could think of anything I do that’s weird and my dad immediately yelled, “She won’t go down escalators!” I think I had forgotten about this because I now use a rollator for walking and have to use elevators, so escalators haven’t been an issue for a few years, plus I rarely go places that would have escalators. I have been afraid of getting on an escalator heading down since I was about six. I blame it on my sister, who was four at the time, pushing to hold Mommy’s hand, which I had, as we stepped on, and I went rolling down. Since then we’ve spent lots of time going out of the way to find elevators, which wasn’t as easy in the 1970s and 80s before the Americans with Disabilities Act, which didn’t become law until 1990.

My mom reminded me of what a weirdo I am about how my bed is made and what kind of sheets I use when I was whining about how the cleaning people made up my bed yesterday**. I only buy solid color, Egyptian or pima cotton sheets with a percale weave, 600 thread counter or higher; my latest are 1,200 count. Solid sheets are important because often print sheets are woven with threads that split or can cause pilling where the colors change. I learned this from Oprah many years ago. brenda home decorI also want my bottom sheet to be super tight on the mattress, with the little corner pleat perfectly straight. This is where the cleaning people were messing up so next week I will stay home while they are here and show them exactly what I want. This may not seem like too big of an idiosyncrasy until I tell you that I called housekeeping at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas to have a supervisor come to my room so I could show her the correct way to make the bed. This was after 2 mornings speaking with the actual cleaner, who had the mattress pad half off the bed and the bottom sheet not tucked in all the way around so it popped off while sleeping. My family loves to make a joke about being too embarrassed to return to the MGM “Not-So” Grand. Before you ask, I am OK at other people’s houses if the sheets aren’t great, but I often travel with my own pillow cases.

5. The final thing I can think of is that I prefer to sit in a restaurant where I can see the door. What’s really strange is that my sister is the same, yet neither of us knows why. On the Sopranos and in Goodfellas the mobsters sit facing the door so they can shoot first if someone is coming after them. I am not a mobster, although I am an Evil Overlord, so someone possibly might be hunting me, nor do I carry a gun, making this is an unknown weirdness.

I hope I haven’t revealed too much and scared people from visiting again. You can see by the sheet thing that I am not always as nice as I might seem from my lighthearted ramblings here on the blog.

**For those who want to know why I just don’t make my own bed, I am handicapped and lifting  the mattress and tucking in the sheets is just too much for me on my own.

What about you? What would people say is your craziest trait? Do you think it’s crazy, or can you justify it?

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Orange Fiestaware divided plate from Happy Heidi’s Vintage Fiestaware for Sale.
Spinach salad from Magnolia Days.
Pink Miss America divided plate from Buyin’ Back My Childhood.
Bedroom image from Brenda Home.
Escalator from Wikimedia Commons.


13 responses to “Maybe I’m Crazy BTB #2

  1. This is a great post and I had #3 in common with you!! I was afraid of escalators when I was little because I saw a kid get his shoe laces stuck. They had to cut off his shoe and it freaked me out! I used to refuse going down escalators and now I still get nervous going down escalators.

  2. Bwahhaha I LOVE this! I really wish I’d had the time to participate this week, this topic was MADE for me 😉 First- I am SO with you on the food thing! When I was younger, I had a “pea bowl” which was this little kid bowl (I was NOT a little kid mind you) that I would eat peas in, because canned peas always ran into my food and NO. Also, YES to the pancake thing- I do NOT want syrup touching my non-syrup items!

    You and tomatoes are akin to me and onions. Onions are life-ruiners. So gross, the smell of them makes me gag, and the taste of them makes me sick. There is nothing positive about the onion.

    As for sheets, I am super picky about them too- pilling is the WORST. The worst. Now, I do not care about them being SUPER tight, but when they start to slide off on one side, and for some reason will NOT stay? Yeah, I get pretty stabby. But um, I am going to cross making your bed off the list of things I ever want to do in my life- pretty sure I’d be fired immediately 😉 Such a fun post!

    • Yeah, the cleaners aren’t doing well. My nephew did the BEST job, because I could train him and be bossy about it. But he had the nerve to go off to college. So now he only puts my sheets on at the lake house when I am there.

  3. Oh, wow, I am pretty freaky about escalators, too. I went to a mall this week that has one, and I hesitated for quite a bit before venturing on it…I think the fear started in childhood, but when my own kids were little, I was at this same mall and saw a kid get his foot caught in the escalator. It took them half an hour to free him! Talk about reinforcing fears!

    I don’t like foods to seep into each other. They can touch, but not if they will mingle their juices.

    Loved reading this!

  4. I am pretty similar on the food – I don’t like things touching. This was way worse when I was younger but still prefer to separate. I actually kind of feel the same way about the restaurant door thing – it makes sense to me. I feel like the thing that comes to mind for me is how I load the dishwasher. I can’t let anyone else do it because if it is wrong I get twitchy. Like if my MIL or mom helps out of they are over (which is so nice and they are great) and they load the dishwasher, I fix it when they leave. So bad.

  5. I’m trying to think hard, but I can’t come up with anything crazy ! I can’t sleep in wrinkled sheets, though. I’m vegan and I share your lying ability in restaurants when they keep telling fish and chicken aren’t meat, allergy is the easiest way out, it saves a lot of trouble 😉

    • I’m not vegan, but I grew up in such an Irish Catholic meat and potatoes household that I just figured out about 10 years ago that chicken can’t be eaten on Fridays during Lent! My dad didn’t consider chicken or fish “real” meat!

  6. Great list! That’s funny about the food and tomatoes hate. I don’t have any food issues, other than onions. I can’t stand red onions. I won’t eat salad with them. I am concurring this fear with the help of Chilpotle. They use red onions and since there is no way to get a burrito bowl without them, I am getting used to the taste.

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