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Month in Review 6It’s time for the May Wrap Up, hosted by Kathryn @ Book Date, and a lot went on this month at Thoughts From an Evil Overlord besides my birthday. I just realized I didn’t have cake and that’s the main reason for having birthdays, isn’t it? For birthdays, I like a traditional cake, chocolate or vanilla with buttercream icing, although May is National German Chocolate Cake Month, and I’m a fan of those also. Either way, I’ll get one this week. I am also linking this post to the weekly memes Sunday Post at Caffeinated Book Reviewer and Stacking the Shelves at Tynga’s Reviews.


  • I’m slowly making blog improvements. I finally wrote a disclosure and ethics policy, changed the social share buttons within posts, put some pull-downs on my top menu, added Grammarly, a spell-check app that works right inside Chrome, and set up an Amazon Associates account. It won’t make me rich, but I hope to eventually cover the monthly hosting cost of the blog.
  • A couple of weeks ago I mentioned a problem I was having leaving comments on blogs that use Blogger. It seems to be only the ones where the comment set up is embedded at the bottom of the post. The ones that open in their own window work fine. The same is true for Disqus on Blogger.  It’s still happening, and neither Chrome nor Blogger can seem to help. Interesting, since they’re both owned by Google.Thought people might be interested.
  • I’m quite pleased with myself because I completed so many posts in advance as part of the Blogging Ahead Challenge with  Herding Cats & Burning Soup. After writing reviews for every ARC I’ve finished, I have complete posts for 4 out of 7  days a week through the second week of June!  I also have four (!) discussion posts that I am saving as drafts for when I want to use them. If I get sick or get swept off my feet by a man who wants to fly me to Ireland, I’m all set!
  • This month I started linking in each week to the READING ROUND UP, a compilation of giveaways and book reviews posted @Read This! and hosted by Karen from KissinBlueKaren. It’s a good way to expose your reviews to a broader audience.

discussion_challengeDISCUSSIONS POSTED

All at Once or Just a Taste?
What’s With the Cats?
What’s in a Name?
Books @ Breakfast

FROM THE LIBRARY – These were all good, even if I didn’t review them. I’d go nutty if I did these as well as the ARCs!

  • The Mapmaker’s Children by Sara McCoymapmakers children by sarah mccoy
  • The Liar by Nora Roberts
  • The Sum of all Kisses (Smythe-Smith #3) by Julia Quinn
  • The Kill Room: A Lincoln Rhyme Novel by Jeffrey Deaver
  • The Rosary Girls by Richard Montanari
  • Happiness Key (Happiness Key #1by Emilie Richards
  • One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories by B.J. Novak
  • The Black Box (Harry Bosch #18) by Michael Connellygreen-divider-lrgARCS READ – Linked to posted reviews. I liked all of these for different reasons.


rosary girls


Kerrie at Mysteries in Paradise hosts a monthly link for a crime novel pick of the month. I didn’t read a lot of crime this month, but my favorite was The Rosary Girls by Richard Montanari, the first in the Byrnes & Balzano series. I was introduced to the series when I received The Dollmaker from NetGalley and liked it so much I went and got the first from my library. I didn’t review it because I had so many reviews in CHALLENGE UPDATE

Anything new with your blog in May? Did you meet your goals or participate in any fun features?


35 responses to “May Wrap Up

  1. What an awesome month you had! I’m sorry you’re having issues with Blogger and Disqus. I love Diqus. I switched to another platform at one point, but I just didn’t like it. I like my messages getting back to those who leave them. Anyway, hopefully that improves or gets fixed. Hope you’re having a fabulous June!!

  2. I hope you get that birthday cake! Sorry about the comment problems. I have problems with blogs that use Intense Debate, and had the same experience, no one seems to want to figure out why. So unfortunately those that use that forum won’t see a comment from me. Frustrating! Excellent month of reading for you.

  3. Happy (belated) birthday! By all means, you deserve cake. Also, your blog is looking really good! You’ve had a great month, and I’m really impressed with your blog-ahead prowess.

    Re Edelweiss – sometimes I get approval from them, sometimes I hear nothing… I think it depends on the publisher. I’ve also gotten approvals but not gotten an email telling me so. So it’s a good idea to keep checking back. Good luck!

  4. Amy

    Hi Elizabeth,
    Sorry I can’t help with your questions, I’ve not even heard of either of them! Good luck though 🙂 I’d be interested to know about BookLikes and if it’s different to Goodreads.
    Have a great day,
    Amy x

  5. Happy belated birthday Elizabeth! I hope you had a great day 🙂

    I have some very old requests on Edelweiss that have never gotten a response. Usually, though, I get either accepted or rejected fairly quickly, but I do have some without anything at all. I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong!

    Have a fantastic week and happy reading.

  6. I’ve been having a really hard time leaving comments on Blogger too! (At least, I think it’s Blogger. Maybe it’s Blogspot?) Whichever it is, the site keeps eating my comments instead of posting them. Super frustrating. Anyway — yes, get your birthday cake! I was lucky enough to get to much on TWO cakes this month, what with my mom and BFF both celebrating their birthdays. (Or, last month. Since it’s apparently June now.) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  7. Happy belated birthday!! You deserve some cake and I love german chocolate cake. I’m the only one in my house that does so we rarely have it (or else I would be stuck eating it all!). I hope you get some treat to celebrate!

    You’ve had a busy month. Great job on the reading! I rarely go on Edelweiss. I find the website harder to maneuver and I’ve also never heard anything about requests. At least with Netgalley they tell you if you weren’t approved. It’s good I stay away from Edelweiss since I have too many ARCs now lol.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and have a great week!

  8. Hope you got that cake !! I subscribed to Edelweiss but it’s really not practical, and not blogger friendly or so I’ve heard. I’ve never used Booklikes, I’ve been curious about it but too lazy to check… Happy belated birthday 😉

  9. You have such a lovely, well-organized blog! It’s a pleasure to visit and I’ll be reading your links now to see your thoughts on your books.
    By the way, the Chesapeake is the name of a River and a Bay, so that is your body of water if you read That Chesapeake Summer!
    I look forward to the Mapmaker’s Children after having read the Baker’s Daughter last year and loved it. Also I like to read Deaver, Delinsky, Stewart, and Roberts, and want to get into Michael Connelly asap. Enjoy your week.

  10. Wow – you’ve had a productive month! Thanks for sharing your disclosure ethics policy. I don’t use those book services you mentioned. I am a reviewer for NetGalley. Sometime they approve my requests, sometimes not. Have a great month!

  11. OMG I’ve had the same problem with Edelweiss!! I even had an author tell me to request her book there, I did, and I never heard anything! I have such a hard time understanding how anyone gets anything there! Oh well. I hope you have a great week!

  12. Wow, you’ve had a busy month! Thanks for posting! This just reminded me that I need to do a wrap-up post for May for two of my reading challenges. LOL!

  13. I was really confused by Edelweiss when I used it briefly – I never got any notification in my email but I had to go to the review copies tab, requests tab – the usability of the site is pretty awful. I’ve stopped using it primarily because of how clunky it is to work with. That and I have more than enough to read and catch up on already.

  14. Oh your talk about cake has me craving cake now. I’ll have to do with some cookies I baked yesterday though, as I hate baking cakes they always fail, except for apple pie. And I agree you need to have cake to celebrate your birthday, that’s half of the fun!
    I made an account for Edelweiss, but I just can’t figure it out, their site is way too confusing. I prefer netgalley.
    And that’s awesome progress you made by Blog Ahead. I didn’t make as much progress as I wanted to, but I did managed to stay aroudn my 35 scheduled posts, so I am happy with that.
    I hope June is a great month for you!

  15. Happy belated birthday, and definitely you must eat cake!

    You had a great month…I also read and loved The Liar this month…and hope to read The Canterbury Sisters soon, too.

    I sometimes have trouble commenting on Blogger, too….I often have to really work it for the commenting box to appear (clicking the title of the post, etc.)….this is only on some formats.

    Enjoy June…and thanks for visiting my blog. I’ll be putting up my Monthly wrap-up later today.

  16. Oh, yes, you need cake for your birthday, Elizabeth!

    You’ve done a lot with your blog and it’s looking great. And you’ve gotten lots of other things done this month. Sounds like it was a great month for you. Enjoy your reading! Good luck with your commenting problem. I often have problems with Blogger comments. It’s very frustrating and random.

  17. You had a good May, I enjoed reading your updates. I liked your cats post, as someone who has read a few cozis (and have a few more in the pipeline) I can definitely agree- cats are very present in that genre. 🙂 Fun post.

    Hope you’re having a great weekend- and happy belated birthday!

  18. happy birthday (belated and all) yes! cake please! is never late for cake 🙂 I kind of gave up on Edelweiss. Not user friendly and thank god so far I have not being short of review copies to read. Well… now we are officially in all the same memes! I love Karen “Read This” and the “2015 Discussion Challenge” 🙂

  19. Very productive month! The blog maintenance alone would be busy, but you got a lot of reading done, too. Great job! It’s a great feeling to have posts scheduled out in advance. 🙂

  20. Your blog is looking great with all your hard work. You sure got a lot read this past month. Belated happy birthday by the way. Any chance of getting to Ireland – even without the man?
    I googled the Blogger comment problem when you mentioned it last week but didn’t get any more answers than you have. Lovin’ the green swirls.

    • For me to travel I need to bring equipment and even more importantly a companion, so it’s hard to find someone to go. All of my friends are my age and work full time, so it limits the times, plus of course they want to holiday with their own families. I’m actually looking into tour companies that work with handicapped people. For years, I couldn’t travel because of funds, and now that I can afford it, it’s a major physical task! Everyone should learn from me and do things when you are able and worry about the money later.

  21. Wow! A big month for you Elizabeth! And that’s a lot of ARCs.

    Oh, and I can’t believe you didn’t have cake. Make sure you make up for it!!!


  22. Hmm that’s weird about commenting. How’d you fix it? I’m on blogger and you were able to comment on mine earlier this week.

    Edelweiss is notoriously difficult for bloggers. Lots of people get turned down there or just never hear anything. NetGalley is way more user friendly.

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