If I had $1,000

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For Beyond the Books this week, Karen wants to know what we would do with one thousand dollars.  That’s a lot of money in some situations and very little in others. Should I be altruistic and donate it? Kind of a boring post, I think. Pay back my parents for years of support? Not really enough money to make a dent in that pile of debt! Indulge myself? Of course!

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The first thing I thought of was a luxury spa weekend, something I have always wanted to try. I would bring my sister and we would have massages and mud baths, learn a little yoga, and eat small fancy food for two days. Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA is about two hours from my home, so I decided to investigate. Forget it. One person could barely get one night there for one thousand dollars.

What about a local day spa? There are several that do a nice job, but I don’t consider them particularly peaceful or relaxing; there’s so much bustle and yakking going on. Then I remembered that my regular salon has a lot of those pay up front for a year deals. Whatever service you choose you get one a month at a very reduced rate, so I looked into the massages. It would really help me medically with the crazy cramps I get all throughout my body. I used to get a massage every month or more which helped control the cramping and improved my range of motion, but a significantly reduced income cut those out when I retired last year. So for $49.00 a month, down from $75.00 for one massage, I can spend my $1,000 from Karen and get two massages a month for almost an entire year.  The great thing about this deal is that even with paying for one each month, if you book more you still get that reduced price.

There you have it: massages is how I would spend my special dinero. What about you? How would you spend $1,000? Do you like massages or other personal indulgences? Wondering how others would spend it? Visit KissinBlueKaren to find out.


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  1. I do NOT like massages. In fact, if it involves strangers touching me, I am definitely going to pass. In fact, I’d probably pay the $1K NOT to have massages. I do hope you enjoy your pretend massages though 😉 I’d spend mine on (in a pretend world where I don’t have ALL the bills) bookish stuff, actual books, sushi, cocktails, and a babysitter so I could get some sleep!

  2. There are SO many things I would love to do with it. Since I stopped working I’ve not allowed myself any pampering at all. I’ve also longed for a weekend away or something… but that’s not to be either and I hate that I took that stuff for granted once upon a time.

    I have a stack of bills (and need new tyres for my car) but… if I had $1000 I would get a new iPhone as mine (ahem) threw itself into my bathtub over 2yrs ago. It eventually recovered but the flash light’s on permanently and the camera is fuzzy so I can’t use it to take photos. It turns itself off sometimes (and won’t work). And finally, the screen’s also very smashed as I dropped it shortly after it started working again. It seems silly to get the screen fixed when it’s getting so old (iPhone 4) and is so problematic!


  3. Massages sounds like a great investment. The chiropractor I used to see in Florida has a masseuse, it was awesome. You might want to look into chiropractic medicine, it saved my life. I even used to get my kids adjusted, they loved it.

  4. I have never had a massage before! Everyone says it so relaxing but I’ve never tried one. But I would love the other spa treatments. So this is a great way to spend the $1000!

  5. I think that a spa day sounds like a fine way to spend your money! I have actually been to Lenox before a few times, but never to a spa. I go to Tanglewood every once in a while and it is the most spectacular experience ever! Nice to connect with a fellow Chocolate team member. Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

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