Evil Overlord Thoughts Blog How pocket pussies are different from regular masturbator?

How pocket pussies are different from regular masturbator?

The adult toy industry is bustling with a wide range of male masturbation tools. There are masturbation sleeves, penis rings, penis pumps and what not! One of the latest male masturbation tools that we have today is pocket pussy. It’s an awesome masturbation toy for men and seems to be a step ahead of the other traditional masturbation aides that we have seen for some time now. Put simply, pocket pussy toys are different from regular masturbators and promise an unrivalled stimulation like no other.

How are pocket pussies different?

If you haven’t seen a pocket pussy yet you must be wondering in what ways the toy is different from other masturbators. Some examples that you can check are www.lovegasm.co offerings, come back here after you get a good grasps of what they look like.

Well, the first thing is they look very different from regular masturbators. A pocket pussy is shaped like an artificial vagina to give the feel of having sex with a real one. Sexual stimulation is not derived only through wanking off with penis. It bears a strong connection the concept of sight. Pocket pussies are specifically designed in such a way that they very sight of them would make you eager to cum. You don’t have such indulgences with other regular masturbators since they look very discreet. For example, let’s talk about masturbation sleeves. They just look like a big handcuff cut in half. A half handcuff cannot arouse with its mere looks just the way a lifelike pocket pussy would do.

Then, the concept of touch is another major factor in inspiring sexual stimulation. Pocket pussy  toys are strategically made from soft materials to emulate the feel of touch of soft human skin. Akin to a real vagina, the pussy toy features smooth as well as ridged surfaces to create that lifelike feel. So, when you touch a pocket pussy, it feels almost like touching a real vagina and that can arouse you immediately. Once again, regular masturbators do not sport a lifelike design and hence can’t titillate you with mere touch.

More realistic experience

All male masturbation tools that we find today are simply amazing and allow a man to enjoy solid stimulation. But a pocket pussy takes the game to a whole new level altogether. In other words, thanks to its lifelike design and feel, a pussy toy enables a man to enjoy a “more” powerful stimulation anyday. It lets you savor a more realistic experience and make you feel like almost having sex with a real vagina.  Just imagine, if a toy can arouse you with mere looks and touch, how much you will enjoy the game when you will actually slid into it! You will end up moaning in delight every time you will use a pocket pussy.

So, pocket pussies are all about savoring more delight and much better orgasm in comparison to regular masturbators. And, it’s not just for single men. Any man, even if he has a girlfriend or wife, would enjoy masturbating with a pocket pussy. Please don’t misunderstand, pocket pussy or any sex toy as such is never about replacing a human partner. No sex toy can ever replace the warmth or sensibility of your human partner. Toys like pocket pussies are just here to enhance your experience and add a new flavor to your intimate sessions.

Top pocket pussies for you

You must be gearing by now to get your own pocket pussy. Well, much to your delight, here is a brief on some of the best pocket pussy toys available in the current market.


This amazing pocket pussy is as realistic as a pocket pussy could be. It’s extremely soft and as you touch it, it almost feels like a real human pussy.  In regards to length, the toy allows 6” insertable length which is pretty standard for easy penetrative sex with a pocket pussy. The toy further features ribbing on outside for easy grip and solid support while you thrust yourself into it.

Another great aspect of the toy is that it has space to insert a bullet vibrator. So, if you are looking for buzzy stimulation, you can count on this way eyes closed.


Designed by leading adult toy brand Fleshlight, this is another great model when you are looking for the best in pocket pussies. It comes with 8.5” of insertable length and is especially amazing for the big boys out there. The toy has received rave reviews for its powerful stimulation and must be on your shortlist when you are looking for top pocket pussies of the year. Now, it’s true that the Stoya-Destroya is little on the expensive side but then quality never comes cheap. The toy is very much worth your bucks.

Naughty Cove RealFlesh Pussy

As the name says, this awesome pocket pussy assures a true realistic feel from every angle. You will love its soft swelled mouth that will instantly make you all aroused just with its mere sight. This is an open-ended toy which can easily expand to accommodate 8.5 inches of span. And of course, mention must be made of the toy’s detailed labia that impresses with intense textured structure. Put simply, the toy is a wonderful combination of ultra-realistic looks and powerful stimulation quotient. The toy features thick walls that assure great sturdiness and enable you to enjoy perfect pressure without engaging your hands.

You have some of the best pocket pussy toys here which are also safe to use. Just be careful to use a lube whenever you feel like using your pocket pussy. There are various kinds of lubes in the market and all kinds of lubes are not suitable for every material that goes into making a pocket pussy. For example, if you use a silicone pocket pussy, you should not ever use a silicone lube. Water-based lubes are the best option here. Some people also use oil-based lubes but water and silicone lubes are more popular and safer. Please don’t use coconut oil or petroleum jelly as a substitute for lubricants as they might degrade the toy material.

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