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This week Karen wants to know about our furry family members. I don’t currently have a pet, but I grew up with dogs and am fortunate to have a sweet furry nephew who stays with me whenever his family goes away, which is several times a year. Before I tell you about these honey bunches I want to go on record letting you know that I once had a betta fish that lived for four years! That may be a world record.betta_male_blue

My mother grew up with dogs, but my dad never had pets and didn’t want any. Somehow, when I was about six we ended up with Duster. The story goes that we were looking for a dog for my grandmother, but after we had bought Duster we learned she had already bought a new dog, Trudy the schnauzer. I always thought this story was for my father’s benefit so he didn’t realize that he was tricked, but I checked with my mom just this morning and she says it’s true. Duster had been with us for three days and my dad fell in love. When he died it was my dad who had us out getting a new dog two weeks later.  Duster was a schnauzer-poodle mix and looked like a happy fluffy mutt. His sister lived next door and looked almost completely like a purebred poodle.Love your furry family members? Come tell about them! Click To Tweet

I couldn’t find any pictures of Spats, who was a schnauzer-poodle-terrier, because for most of those years I was at college or living in Texas, but he looked exactly like Bo, the last dog my parents had. Bo lived to be nineteen (!!!) and was quite crazy. He loved eating dirty tissues, so you had to keep the trash up high if you were sick. Bo’s good buddy was Murphy, a dachapoo (dachshund-poodle) my sister and brother in law bought when they were first married, who lived to be eighteen. These dogs loved to chase each other around when they were young, and often did a little dance together when they would first see each other. As they got older they would snooze together, in this case taking over my favorite chair.bo_murph_duster

Sweet little Cooper is the first purebred dog to be part of our family. Unfortunately for him, but fortunately for us he isn’t good at it and didn’t become the appropriate size to show as a Cavalier King Charles spaniel. He only grew by a few pounds since he was a puppy, which makes him even cuter and more cuddly. Cooper loves his squeaky toys and pulls them out of their basket one at a time to spread around the room and squeak. He isn’t very smart, but he is a love bug and wants to snuggle with whoever is around, just as these dogs were bred for King Charles II in the seventeenth century. He has been known to climb to the top of a pillow when a person is in bed and sleep on top of your head. In the picture below we were awoken from a nap by the camera. This was the second picture taken.coop-collage

Do you have any special furry family members? Are there any animals you would never consider as a pet?

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14 responses to “Furry Family Members

  1. Cooper is so cute ! The animals I don’t consider as pets ?… If you take cats or dogs, they could leave if they really wanted to but they don’t, I think that’s my definition of pets at this moment. We have two cats here, Triskell and Loullig. They have quite different personalities but to us, they’re just other members of the family. They…. consider us their loving servants, lol !

  2. Cooper just makes me happy looking at him really.

    I love dogs, but they’re too big of a commitment for me. I wouldn’t like having to be home several times a day to walk them, and I like to be able to leave on trip spontaneously. Also, I live in a shared flat right now, so it wouldn’t be ideal. But both at my job that I have one-two days a week and my internship I have a colleague who sometimes brings their dog to the office, which always makes me happy.

    Err.. pets I’d never consider… I guess insects wouldn’t be my favorite pets. 😀 I also think fish are fairly boring, if pretty, and reptiles don’t really do that much either. I just like something warm, cuddly and friendly.

  3. I love the pictures and we had a betta-fish for a couple of months. They are beautiful. Today is my first post for this meme thanks to you! Thank you for introducing me to this meme!

  4. We had a Beta fish in Florida named Half-Dead (my sister was sure he wouldn’t last long and the name stuck). He is being cared for by my sister. I love the pet pics you chose. Cooper is adorable. I hope my Buster could bond with another pup like those two did. Great post!

  5. I’d really love a tank of fancy fish, I’d have to get nice spongebob figures to put in the tank so it looked like Bikini Bottom! But you can’t give them a cuddle or take them for walks.

    Those dogs are all so adorable, I am off to cuddle my furry baby!!

  6. Four years for a beta fish is a record! I think my brother’s childhood goldfish lived several years. Most fish we tried to raise didn’t last long, and as a result I swore I would never try to keep them again. We’ll see if that changes if my daughter ever asks for one. 🙂

    Cooper is adorable! I had to say goodbye to my dog a couple years ago, and it was very hard. I was very attached to him. I still find myself thinking of him and even catch myself doing little things I used to do only for him, forgetting for a second he’s no longer with us.

    Now it’s just my two cats, one of which sometimes acts like a dog. I can’t imagine not having animals in my life.

  7. Cooper is so cute! We had a dog for 15 years. She’s been gone for almost two years – I occasionally hear her coming down the hall 🙂 Now we dog-sit our daughter’s Westie when they go out of town.

  8. They’re just too cute! Ah, all those adorable pictures!

    I used to have a dog , but I don’t have any pets anymore. Well, I have a goldfish, but he’s not really all that furry 😉

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