Friday Clips: Luckiest Girl Alive

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luckiest girl alive by jessica knollWelcome to Book Beginnings and the Friday 56, two memes where we share clips from books: one from the beginning and another on Page 56 or 56% on the e-reader. This is a fun way to try out a book before reading. This week I have Jessica Knoll’s Luckiest Girl Alive that many bloggers were reading a couple of months ago and I won through Goodreads First Reads

You can find Book Beginnings at Rose City Reader with Gillon.

I inspected the knife in my hands. “That’s the Shun. Feel how light it is compared to the Wusthof?” I pricked a finger on the blade’s witchy chin, testing. The handle was supposed to be moisture resistant, but it was quickly going humid in my hand. [I wonder if the sweaty hand is from nerves or excitement over the purchase of a knife. Why is it necessary to buy a special knife? Is it a chef’s knife?  Maybe a hunting or fish-gutting tool? Or is she a knife collector in general?]

Freda’s Voice hosts the Friday 56.

friday 56I had the opportunity to see firsthand what raging hypocrites nuns and priests could be. Preaching about kindness and acceptance and showing none of it. I’ll never forget how my second grade teacher, Sister Kelly, warned the class not to speak to Megan McNally for the rest of the day because she’d wet her pants. Megan just sat at her desk, in a pool of her own rotten-tooth-yellow urine, hot tears of humiliation curling down her droopy red cheeks. I came to the conclusion that if a woman of the cloth could be so sure she was going to heaven despite being such a massive asshole, God must be more lenient than I’d been led to believe. What was a little impurity of the mind and body? [It seems our narrator is contemplating some impurity of the mind and body, maybe sex or drugs, or even just not sticking to a vegan diet. We’ll see. This is a vivid image of the devastated little girl and how it stuck with the narrator for many years. I hope other scenes invoke such a strong picture.]

Luckiest Girl Alive has been compared to Gone Girl and described as shocking and wickedly well-plotted. From that, I am expecting a heroine who is not particular sympathetic. Also, if these blurbs are from the same narrator, I think we’re looking at a pretty tough girl who attended Catholic school. If you’ve read it, don’t tell me! I just started.


22 responses to “Friday Clips: Luckiest Girl Alive

  1. That 56 sounds like every nun I knew too. School nuns are the hardest to deal with, and anyone who went to Catholic school can probably relate to that one. Sounds like a great read though, so am adding to my GR list.
    Happy weekend!

  2. No not for me! Funny haven’t seen this book around before. I did attend a Catholic school and never met anything like P56. But I guess it takes all kinds to make a world and some not very savoury.

  3. I never had any interest in reading Gone Girl so the comparison made me less than interested in this book, but the snippets are intriguing. I think I’ll put it on my TBR shelf to remember it in case I get inspired for something like this.

  4. I’m interested in this one though I think I’ll wait for some reviews before I make up my mind. That 56 is pretty awful. My dad and his siblings all went to Catholic school and while most are still practicing Catholics none of them have a particular fondness for nuns. Thanks for sharing!

    • People were reviewing this all over the place a few months ago, which is why I entered the giveaway. So far, everything I read about it is true. Somewhat unsympathetic main character, twists and turns, horrible secret from high school.

    • I’m about 1/4 in and feel like I’m just getting the author’s rhythm. The writing is excellent and what I had read about the main character is accurate so far.

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