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mrs-roosevelts-confidanteMrs. Roosevelt’s Confidante is the fifth book in the Maggie Hope WWII mystery spy series by Susan Elia MacNeal. Taking place in 1941 there are many cultural and social references that are unfamiliar to me, making it a great choice for BermudaOnion’s Wondrous Words Wednesday.

gasolier (n): a gaslight chandelier

materiel (n):  equipment, apparatus, and supplies used by an organization or institution

Sally Lunn bun (n): a large bun or tea cake made with a yeast dough including cream, eggs, and spice, similar to the sweet brioche bread of France. Served warm and sliced, with butter, it was first recorded in 1780 in the spa town of Bath in southwest England. trilby

trilby (n):  a soft hat with part of the top pushed in; mostly used in British English [Even James Bond wears one!]

fifth columnists (n): a group of secret sympathizers or supporters of an enemy that engage in espionage or sabotage within defense lines or national borders [Sounds like what we call home-grown terrorists these days.]

importune (v):  to ask (someone) for something or to do something in a repeated or annoying way

chachampagnempagne coupe (n): shallow glass or glass dish, typically with a stem, in which desserts or champagne are served [as opposed to a champagne flute]

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  1. I’d never known what that kind of champagne glass was called! As an avid drinker of champagne (or sparkling wine) I now know it’s a Champagne coupe.

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