2015 Challenges

I am participating in 7 reading challenges this year, plus two that are just for the summer. Lois at You, Me, and a Cup of Tea is keeping track of all her challenges in one post, which I think is very smart, so I’m doing it, too.  I’m also keeping a list of all the books I read this year. Most will be from the library. They will be labeled with which challenges they fulfill.

At GoodReads I am attempting to read 110 books over the course of the year.

2015 Reading Challenge

2015 Reading Challenge
Elizabeth has
read 105 books toward her goal of 110 books.

green-divider-lrgWith The Geeky Blogger I am doing the Snagged at the Library Challenge, shooting for 50, which can be part of the GoodReads goal, also.

50/50 books = 100%! Finished in 4 months!green-divider-lrg

new to you reading challengeAnna at Herding Cats and Burning Soup hosts the New to You Challenge. It can be any book that is new to you in some way: author, genre, series, whatever. I’m shooting for level 4 which is 36 books new to me in some way. I bet most of them will end up being new authors. Since I’m doing the New Authors Challenge with Literary Escapism, I will only list books that are new to me in some other way here.

Fiona Buckley – To Shield the Queen, A Traitor’s Tears (series)
Susanna Calkins – Murder at Rosamund’s Gate (series)
Richard Montanari – The Doll Maker, The Rosary Girls (series)
Kris Calvin –One Murder More (series)
Mary Lawrence – The Alchemist’s Daughter (series)
Rachael Richey – Storm Rising (series)
Cathy Ace – The Case of the Dotty Dowager (series)
Nancy J. Parra – Bodice of Evidence (series)
Chloe Kendrick – Murder to Go (series)
Carolyn G. Hart – Dead Man’s Island & Death on Demand (2 series)
Laura Bradford – Hearse & Buggy (series)
Martin Davies – Mrs. Hudson & the Spirits’ Curse (series)
Kiera Cass – The Selection (series)
Eileen Brady – Unleashed (series)
Sally Christie – The Sisters of Versaille (series)
Linda O. Johnston – Knock on Wood (series)
Kathleen Ernst – Death on the Prairie (series)
Marco Vichi – Inspector Bordelli (series)
Hank Phillippi Ryan – Brogan and Ryland (series)
Candace Robb – Owen Archer (series)
Elizabeth Fremantle – Tudor Trilogy  (series)
Fiona Buckley – To Shield the Queen, A Traitor’s Tears

green-divider-lrgI discovered the What’s In a Name? Challenge a little late, but I’m doing well with it. It’s hosted at The Worm Hole and the goal is to read books with certain words in the title.  6/6 books = 100%! Finished in 6 monthswhats in a name

word including ‘ing’ in it  – The Art of Baking Blind
a colour – Greenglass House
a familial relation – The Alchemist’s Daughter
a body of water – Solitude Creek
a city – The Shepherdess of Siena
an animal – Bird’s Eye Viewgreen-divider-lrg

Peek-a-Book is hosting a Women Challenge. I am going to shoot for the top level, Wonder Woman, 20+ books by women authors.     20/ 20 books = 100% done! Finished in 3 months!green-divider-lrg

I am also doing the Historical Fiction Challenge at Passages from the Past where I’ve pledged to read 25 books, which can also count in the other challenges.      25/25 books = 100% complete! Finished in 7 months!green-divider-lrg

cloak and daggerThe Cloak and Dagger Mystery Challenge originated with Amy at A Bookish Girl, but hosted HERE at Thoughts From an Evil Overlord for the rest of 2015. You don’t have to set a goal, but the top level is 40, so that will be my goal. There is a Linky every month and at the end of the year you are awarded a level based on how many reviews you’ve posted over the year.      38 / 40 books. = 95% donegreen-divider-lrg

NAC.2015I love reading book blogs and discovering new authors, and I found a challenge that is perfect: the New Author Challenge hosted by Literary Escapism. I hope to find some new authors to add to my lineup, especially in thrillers. It doesn’t need to be a debut author, just someone you personally have not yet read. I’m setting my goal at 25 new authors.  I hope for more, but think that is a good goal.
31/25 = 100% complete! Finished in 5 months!

Stacey Ballis – The Spinster Sisters
Gennifer Albin – Crewel, Altered
Kate Milford –  Greenglass House
Mia March – Finding Colin Firth
What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty
Ellen Sussman – A Wedding in Provence
Melody Carlson – I Heart Bloomberg
Jodi Thomas – Welcome to Harmony
Barbara Samuel – The Goddesses of Kitchen Avenue
Amy Hill Hearth – Miss Dreamsville and the Collier County Women’s Literary Society
Susanna Calkins – Murder at Rosamund’s Gate
Carolly Erickson – The Last Wife of Henry VIII
William Nicholson – Amherst
April Lindner – Love, Lucy
Linda Lafferty – The Shepherdess of Siena
Elinor Florence – Bird’s Eye View
Trisha Ashley – Creature Comforts
Richard Montanari – The Doll Maker, The Rosary Girls
Laura Marx Fitzgerald – Under the Egg
Allison Pataki – The Accidental Empress
Mary Lawrence – The Alchemist’s Daughter
Sarah Vaughan – The Art of Baking Blind
Gabrielle Zevin – The Storied Life of A.J. Fikrey
Menna von Praag – The Dress Shop of Dreams
Laura Elliot – The Prodigal Sister
 Erika Swyler – The Book of Speculation
Katherine Howe – The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane
JoJo Moyes – One Plus One
Elisabeth Egan – A Window Opens
Winston Graham – Ross Poldark
Jessica Knoll – Luckiest Girl Alive
Karen Katchur – The Secrets of Lake Road
Margaret Porter – A Pledge of Better Times
Laura Dave – Eight Hundred Grapes
Marianne Kavanagh – Don’t Get Me Wrong
Matthew Dicks – The Perfect Comeback of Caroline Jacobs
Rebecca Kelley – Broken Homes & Gardens
Mindy Kaling – Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?
Paula Hawkins – The Girl on the Train
Jeannine Atkins – Little Woman in Blue
Amy Sue Nathan – The Good Neighbor
Jennifer Wright – It Ended Badly
Ava Miles – Nora Roberts Land
Jean P. Moore – Water on the Moon
Mavis Doriel Hay – The Santa Klaus Murder
Emma Davies – Merry Mistletoe
These seven challenges put me in the On the Roof category as a Reading Challenge Addict, which is the lowest possible level. There are people out there participating in more than 20 challenges! I am also doing 2 summer reading challenges.

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