I am participating in 6 reading challenges this year. Lois at You, Me, and a Cup of Tea is keeping track of all her challenges in one post, which I think is very smart, so I’m doing it, too.I’m also keeping a list of all the books I read this year. Most will be from the library. They will be labeled with which challenges they fulfill.

At GoodReads I am attempting to read 110 books over the course of the year.

2015 Reading Challenge

2015 Reading Challenge
Elizabeth has
read 54 books toward her goal of 110 books.

With The Geeky Blogger I am doing the Snagged at the Library Challenge, shooting for 50, which can be part of the GoodReads goal, also.

50/50 books = 100%! Finished in 4 months!

I discovered the What’s In a Name? Challenge a little late, but I’m doing well with it. It’s hosted at The Worm Hole and the goal is to read books with certain words in the title.

5/6 books = 84%!

word including ‘ing’ in it  – The Art of Baking Blind
a colour – Greenglass House
a familial relation – The Alchemist’s Daughter
a body of water
 a city – The Shepherdess of Siena
 an animal – Bird’s Eye View

I am also doing the Historical Fiction Challenge at Passages from the Past where I’ve pledged to read 25 books, which can also count in the other challenges.

17/25 books = 68% complete

The Cloak and Dagger Mystery Challenge was originated by Amy at A Bookish Girl, but is being hosted HERE at Thoughts From an Evil Overlord for the rest of 2015. You don’t have to set a goal, but the top level is 40, so that will be my goal. There is a Linky every month and at the end of the year you are awarded a level based on how many reviews you’ve posted over the year.

18 / 40 books. = 45% done

Peek-a-Book is hosting a Women Challenge. I am going to shoot for the top level, Wonder Woman, 20+ books by women authors.

20/ 20 books = 100% done! Finished in 3 months!

These five challenges put me in the Easy As Pie category as a Reading Challenge Addict, which is the lowest possible level. There are people out there participating in more than 20 challenges!

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