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Mysticism & Murder: Golem..

Posted March 29, 2016 by Elizabeth in book reviews / 0 Comments
Mysticism & Murder: Golem of Paris

Jonathan Kellerman has done it again. The second book in his Golem series, written in collaboration with his son Jesse, is as interesting and intriguing as The Golem of Hollywood. Los Angeles Detective Jacob Lev is back fighting demons both in his head and in life-size reality, and learning secrets about his family in the process. In Jewish tradition, a golem is a gender-less creature usually made from clay or other inanimate materials and brought […]


Unhappy Endings: It Ended Badl..

Posted November 2, 2015 by Elizabeth in book reviews / 3 Comments
Unhappy Endings: It Ended Badly

What a delightfully interesting book Jennifer Wright has given us ! These thirteen historical  conversationally written stories had me laughing in public and mentally cringing with the audacious behavior of both men and women as relationships came to an end. This is a book about relationships ending in many different ways, death, annulment, stabbing, divorce, one person being jailed, and how one or both parties handled the situation badly. Not just badly, but usually audaciously, crazily […]


Water on the Moon: author inte..

Posted October 27, 2015 by Elizabeth in book reviews / 6 Comments
Water on the Moon: author interview & giveaway

Water on the Moon is the debut novel from Jean P. Moore, a former English teacher and telecommunications executive. After raising a family, she has returned to her first love, writing. Elizabeth Asked: I grew up in the flight path of a major airport in CT and actually had the aerial antenna pulled off our house by a low-flying propeller plane that then crash landed into the nearby Farmington River. Did you have a similar […]


Mrs. Roosevelt’s Confida..

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Mrs. Roosevelt’s Confidante: a wartime thriller

Cool and calm, American Maggie Hope is pleased to be back in her homeland, albeit under terrible circumstances, for Christmas of 1941. She will have the opportunity to visit with the aunt who raised her and share some American foods and traditions with her good friend David, special assistant to Winston Churchill, and John, a long-lost love with whom she has recently been reunited. Moving throughout the elegant locations of Washington, D.C., Maggie runs into […]


Holiday Spirit Abounds in Merr..

Posted October 25, 2015 by Elizabeth in book reviews / 1 Comment
Holiday Spirit Abounds in Merry Mistletoe

What a wonderful novella! Emma Davies‘ Merry Mistletoe has romance, conflict, and a little bit of magical Christmas spirit in the  character of itinerant worker Amos, who arrives at Appleyard Farm just as Freya needs help with the harvest and packing up her belongings to move. Romance is provided quietly in the presence of childhood friend Sam who has returned to Freya’s daily life just when she needs a friend. Freya is a very real […]


The Apothecary Rose w giveaway

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The Apothecary Rose w giveaway

Candace Robb’s Owen Archer mystery series is being reissued as e-books and two new books are being published in the U.S. and Canada. To celebrate, bloggers have been given different books in the series to review on the blog tour, and there is a giveaway for the first three e-books in the series.What a treat for readers of historical mysteries! I received the first book, The Apothecary Rose. In fourteenth-century England, Owen is a former archer […]


Christmas Wedding on Snowflake..

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Christmas Wedding on Snowflake Bay

Fiona McCrae is excited to be home in Blueberry Cove, where she can showcase her signature rustic vintage style with her interior design business. She has just finished planning older brother Logan’s wedding (Sea Glass Sunrise) when her sister Hannah announces her own engagement – with a Christmas wedding in seven weeks – planned by Fiona! With winter coming to Maine, Fiona hadn’t planned on her business rolling until spring, but she still has a lot to […]


What You See Moves Really Fast

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What You See Moves Really Fast

What You See is a fast-paced thriller written with Hank Phillippi Ryan’s signature style of short chapters and small cliff-hangers making for a riveting read. Each time it seems something will be revealed a new scene with different characters opens, and it is just as interesting as the one before. This style keeps the reader on her toes and kept me up all night to discover what was really happening at Boston’s Faneuil Hall Market […]


The Good Neighbor has some sec..

Posted October 13, 2015 by Elizabeth in book reviews / 10 Comments
The Good Neighbor has some secrets

Izzy’s childhood friend Jade, a social media entrepreneur, wants her to transfer her personal blog to Pop Philly and will pay her a much needed salary, since her ex-husband lost his job and cannot handle child support. Unfortunately, much of Izzy’s stories of single-mom dating are fiction. She has a great voice, and a thoughtful outlook, being a high school counselor, but should she deceive the public and her friend into believing these stories are […]


Santa Klaus Murder: a Classic ..

Posted October 12, 2015 by Elizabeth in book reviews / 2 Comments
Santa Klaus Murder: a Classic Cozy

Originally written in 1936, The Santa Klaus Murder is one of only three mysteries written by Mavis Doriel Hay and has been reissued through Poison Pen Press’ British Library Crime Classics for the 2015 holiday season. It is a traditional British drawing room whodunit, with a large family gathering at their country home to celebrate the holiday. Sir Osmond, the murder victim, has arranged for a Santa Klaus to distribute the gifts to the children […]