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gonereadingshirtsI recently won a gift code from KissinBlueKaren for an online shop called Gone Reading. They had so many cool things that it was difficult to pick out what I would get, but I decided on some t-shirts since that’s what I live in and it would show off my love of reading wherever I go. That same week I read a post by Hannah @ Broc’s Bookcase about some bookish mugs she loves. She writes these wonderful Sunday Funday posts and I always love to see what idea she is going to share, from book-themed foods to crafts made from old books. AND…I noticed that my sofa throw pillows were looking a little sad and decided to get new ones. These three things inspired me to start looking around on Etsy to see what bookish decor items might be available and I found all sorts of nifty things I might want besides pillows. Here are some of my favorites. Clicking the image will take you to the item’s individual page.

Anamnesis Prints has all sorts of prints including animals, ocean creatures, and book characters that she puts on top of old book pages.

Bookish Creations makes amazing wreaths from coiled book pages.Check out these fun bookish decor items! Click To Tweetromance_bookendsPinxi Sticker made these beautiful metal bookends. What a great way to hold your romance novels!books_coffee_pillowAt SewBeyoutiful I found this great pillow that is a mantra for many of us.

bookish_pillowBonnie Bruno makes this pillow that defines readers like myself and many of you which is helpful to explain things to our non-bookish friends.

Maybe you saw something here that you can put on your wishlist or think about making your own. If you are participating in the OTSP Secret Sister Project you might find something to send your sister at one of these shops.


11 responses to “Bookish Decor

  1. I love bookish decor, especially that Books & Coffee pillow….and would love to see some of these in my office. Once I reclaim that space, since right now, it is full of my house guests…LOL.

  2. Congrats on the win! This bookish stuff is SO cute! I need to have more bookish stuff in my life I have decided. And this is VERY good information to have for the next round of Secret Sister! Thanks so much for sharing them! (The pillow on the bottom is my favorite 😉 )

  3. I love bookish decor, I love bookish bags/jewellery too — have you seen the purses made out of books? Here, I loooove the bookends! For some reason they’re very Jane Austen in my head!

    • I agree about those bookends being very Jane Austen. I plan on other bookish shopping posts in the future, so keep looking for the bags and jewelry.

  4. Yikes I love bookish things! I have a tee shirt from Gone Reading and love it. I also got the 2015 reading calendar from there as well. I got a couple of prints of artists from Fine Prints America, they package so well and ship all over. I wanted my niece to paint her little son reading a book but she went and made another little one instead but hopefully she’ll get to doing it one day for me. Love the cushions but mine would have to say Books and Tea but I think that could be done! Great post.

  5. I love all this stuff! The print on the book page in particular is lovely. I’m planning on turning one of the kid’s room into a reading room when they officially move out and decorating it in all things bookish. I’m hoping that will keep the empty nest feelings at bay!

    • What if they come back? I hear that’s a big problem these days, kids can’t keep themselves in the style their parents allowed them to become accustomed. 🙂

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