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I have always been a voracious reader and frustrated world traveler, leading me to become a middle school English and Social Studies teacher. I have been living with Hodgkin’s Disease, a blood-borne cancer that is part of the leukemia family for 12 years. Since retiring on disability at the end of the 2014 school year, I have returned to blogging about books and other things I enjoy.

  • I am left-handed.
  • As a middle & high school student I always had 3 books going. One in my room, one downstairs, and one at school. I can’t handle that many story lines any longer!
  • I HATE tomatoes.
  • Breakfast is my favorite meal. Being retired means I can go out to breakfast whenever I would like. But then my favorite place closed when the owner retired! Now I am in search of a new favorite with a bunch of old guys at the counter.
  • I lived in Texas for 8 years teaching elementary school. It is extremely different from New England, where I grew up, but I loved it. 
  • I have seen every episode of Law & Order, the original one. Probably SVU and Criminal Intent also, but I didn’t actually keep track as I did with the Big Daddy of them all.
  • I love water, watching it and listening to it. I used to have a small Zen fountain in my living room, but it died and I can’t find the perfect one to replace it. I could sit on a beach reading and watching the tide, or float on the lake on my sister’s boat all day every day.
  • I am a dog person. Cats are OK, but I’m allergic, so I’ve never gotten close to one.
  • In most ways I’m a slob, but I am a freak about my bed being made tight and military style. I’ve even called housekeeping in hotels to come and learn the correct way to make a bed.

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